Martin Scorsese Is Still Making THE IRISHMAN, Now With Bonus Bobby Cannavale

Because Al Pacino wills it so. 

Martin Scorsese has quite the to-do list: first there's Silence, his upcoming Jesuit priest drama with Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield, which is slated to shoot next year for a 2015 release. Then there's the recent news that he's been attached to direct a Ramones biopic (there is seriously no one better suited for this job). There's also that Frank Sinatra passion project that he's been clinging to for years.

And then there's The Irishman, a film that would reunite Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci with Scorsese for the third time, and mark the first time the director has ever worked with Al Pacino. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Pacino confirmed that the film is indeed still happening and that they've been joined by Bobby Cannavale. Cannavale has also appeared on the Scorsese-produced Terrence Winter series Boardwalk Empire and will star in Scorsese and Winter's upcoming '70s rock 'n' roll series for HBO. I sincerely hope Bobby Cannavale is Scorsese's new Leonardo DiCaprio. If we're being honest, I think he has better hair.

The Irishman, for those unaware, is based on the Charles Brandt book of the same name and tells the story of World War II vet Frank Sheeran, a high-ranking member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who became quite the talented hitman in his extracurricular activities with the mob. Allegedly, Sheeran was involved with the deaths of President Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa.

Obviously the most important thing to note in all of this is that former Wet Bandit Joe Pesci, who has only made two movies since 1998, is going to get off the golf course and act again. Eventually. I mean, he's got until 2016 at the earliest.