This Is How STAR TREK: TOS Would Have Looked In Widescreen

Imagine a Cinerama Enterprise!

It's a pity that the original Star Trek was stuck with the 4x3 TV format of its day; with its vivid colors and imaginative sets, the show was already verging on the cinematic in a square - it would have been stunning in widescreen. Artist Nick Acosta thought about this a bit and decided to see for himself what the show would have looked like in widescreen. The answer: AWESOME. 

Acosta took scenes where the camera panned in a shot and carefully merged the whole together into one image, and the results are often stunning. Look at this:

And check out the drama in this shot from Amok Time:

And I love how his technique turns this shot from Mirror, Mirror into a tableaux:

Yesterday was the 48th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek (the episode The Man Trap was the first one aired), so check out Acosta's site as a way of celebrating the wonderful visuals of a show that maybe still remains a bit ahead of its time.