Wow, Joe Carnahan’s STRETCH Looks Super Weird And Cool

Chris Pine really lets his hair down.

We should all be excited about a new Joe Carnahan movie regardless of what it is, but Stretch looks like something I’d want to see no matter who directed it. The film follows a down on his luck chauffeur played by Patrick Wilson who chauffeurs a crazy looking billionaire played by Chris Pine. The chauffeur wants to nab the billionaire’s book of criminal contacts. The billionaire wants the chauffeur to help him do some nefarious shit. Things probably don’t go well for either of them.

Stretch cost under $5 million to make but was still dropped from Universal’s slate months before it was supposed to hit theaters. Instead it will come out digitally under Jason Blum’s new BH Tilt sometime in October.

That’s exciting news. Not just because it’s a Joe Carnahan film, and not just because it has a cool-sounding plot, but also because of these photos Stretch’s twitter account sent out today (check out Chris Pine!):