Badass Podcast #20: We Go The Distance To ROCKY BALBOA

The ROCKY retrospective comes to a low-key, sad end. And not just because Phil Nobile Jr is guesting. 

What an experience the Rocky rewatch has been for me. I loved going through these films again, and I had such an incredible new perspective on them all. By the end of this journey I had gone from someone who thought Rocky was a great movie with some silly sequels to someone who thinks the Rocky series is an impressive acheivement and reflects the voice and thoughts of Sylvester Stallone in a way that can only be called auterist. I've become a believer. 

We end the rewatch with Rocky Balboa, and our guest this time is Phil Nobile Jr, a regular on the site and an accredited expert in all things Philadelphia. The city even has his name in it. Also, this week is the debut of our new theme song, but you won't find it right at the start. Listen on and you will be rewarded. 

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