JJ Abrams Shills Apple Watch, Reveals The Empire In EPISODE VII

The latest note from the director once again has clues. 

There's a new note from JJ Abrams on the set of Star Wars and it made me groan out loud - Abrams is basically stumping for the shitty-looking Apple Watch. I understand he's a super great guy who loves his family but UGH THE APPLE WATCH. A $350 watch you need a $600 dollar phone to use. 

Anyway, like the other notes in his continuing series, this one includes a subtle clue, and this time it's the lighting. Reflecting on the table where the note is place are lights that are, to any Star Wars fan, immediately recognizable as the general aesthetic of The Empire. I told you a while ago that The Empire yet stands in Episode VII, but many people thought it was bullshit, assuming that when Palpatine died the Storm Troopers just dropped down like the Chitauri. No chance. 

I wonder if the next note will reveal the name of Daisy Ridley's character while also extoling the virtues of owning a Gulfstream.