Morgan Freeman To Class-Up TED 2

Oscar City, here we come!

You can put Morgan Freeman in anything and somehow he’ll walk away with his astounding dignity unscathed. If Morgan Freeman did porn or ate poo for John Waters, people would still just love the shit out of him.

It looks like he’s going to test that theory once again by appearing in Ted 2. We don’t know much about Ted 2’s story at this time, but Variety reports that Freeman will play “an iconic civil rights lawyer who comes into the picture when Ted needs to resolve some legal issues.” I want to say that sounds lame, but I bet if Mel Brooks did it, I’d probably think it was brilliant.

Ted 2 is actually filming right now and will hit theaters June 26, 2015 alongside a million other movies. It'll be the one you can't watch without a parent or legal guardian.