Your Best Look Yet At The New Batmobile

They just left this thing parked on the streets of Detroit, doors open. 

Check out the new Batmobile, as it will be seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*. The pictures were taken on the streets of Detroit, where the vehicle was seemingly left unattended. You know what sort of serious anti-theft systems this thing has? Batman don't sweat no crooks. Unless it's Jason Todd, notorious Batmobile vandalizer. 

We've seen a carefully controlled shot of the car before, but these pictures give us more of a look. I like the design, I love how the doors open and in this particular instance I love how dusty the car is. This is a hybrid Batmobile - sort of like the Tumbler, but with an outline that is identifiable as a car. I never liked the full-on tank design of the Tumbler.

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