Is This RAMBO: LAST BLOOD Thing Really For Real?

Evan doesn’t want to get his hopes up for nothing.

Yesterday the world changed a tiny bit, and everyone suddenly grew confident that a new Rambo movie, now supposedly titled Rambo: Last Blood, will begin shooting next month with Sylvester Stallone at the helm. The film would follow the Rambo versus the Mexican Cartel plot we’ve been hearing about for the last year.

The news comes from ComingSoon, who received it from a reader named nopr100. As far as I can tell, that’s as confirmed as it gets. That’s just not enough for me.

Here's my theory: Let’s say all this really is bullshit. It’s still generating excitement. Stallone’s going to see that excitement and roll with it. Therefore, even if Last Blood wasn’t the title yesterday, it probably is today. And if it’s not really shooting next month, it likely will be soon.

I don’t know if Stallone’s desperate enough to make a good Rambo movie or not. He’s down as an actor, and his beloved Expendables series finally lost steam as well with its poorly received (not by me!) third entry. But it doesn’t feel like he’s hit bottom enough yet to truly get that Stallone magic going. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, however. Few things would make me happier than another badass hard-R Rambo film. So while I look skeptically at this news, I do so with my fingers crossed.