Okay Okay, Here’s An Official Photo Of The Batmobile

If you’re not tired of looking at this vehicle yet, that is.

Yesterday brought us a fair amount of photographic evidence averring that Batman will in fact drive a car in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only that, but it will be a big, spiky car split somewhere between Batman tradition and Christopher Nolan’s goofy seriousness.

Now, as a way to kind of battle set photos, Zach Snyder has tweeted a more artistic reveal of the car’s design.  It looks about the same but highlights its big guns and tiny headlights. I guess I like it. Yesterday I got the impression that it was kind of a behemoth, but then one photo showed the car with a dude standing next to it. With that added visual comparison, I thought it looked a lot like a Mad Max car. I like Mad Max cars.

Look, I think these reveals are about as entertaining as Batman V Superman is going to get, so enjoy them. Eventually, an actual movie has to come out. I don’t think there’s much getting around the fact that it only exists to set up other movies. Right now we get to enjoy really cool looking designs that are full of possibility and generate lots of good conversations. We get to have this fun all the way to 2016! What a gift! The real deal will probably just be socks.