Who Is Flying This Black X-Wing Fighter In STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

You got your Empire in my Rebel spaceship.

I've been off the Star Wars beat for the last couple of weeks because I heard that some folks got themselves in deep, deep shit over the pictures that IndieRevolver leaked. Like, fired. And here's the thing: nobody should be getting fired over sharing info about a movie. This isn't journalism covering national security. We don't need the info bad enough to risk jobs.

But who's going to get fired for flying over the airbase where Episode VII is filming and taking a couple of pictures? Nobody! And a guy did just that, and he got some pictures and gave them to Latino Review, and they reveal something kind of amazing:

A black X-Wing Fighter. 

That's a heckuva color, no? Evocative. And very different from what we've seen so far - white in the Original Trilogy, and blue in other aerial shots taken over this airbase. But black? And with those orange wings? Those are Sith colors to me. 

I don't know that this X-Wing is flown by a Sith. I honestly don't know who the heck flies it, but it does seem to back up a lot of the stuff I've been hearing about the lines between the Empire and the Republic being very blurred. The chrome trim on it is interesting, as I have personally seen concept art of the new chrome Storm Troopers - could they be in the cockpit of this X-Wing?

Hopefully I'll be able to find out more in ways that don't jeopardize people's jobs. In the meantime, here's a nugget I've heard repeated so often I'm believing it: Star Wars Episode VII ends on a major cliffhanger. The beginning of this movie may have echoes of A New Hope, but it definitely ends on an Empire Strikes Back note of uncertainty and danger.