Austin! There’s A HOWARD THE DUCK Screening At The Ritz This Sunday

With co-creator Val Mayerik in attendance!

Just sharing a little fun for you Austin badasses - here's Moisés Chiullan on Sunday's Howard the Duck screening:

Howard the Duck suddenly got a lot more popular after Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters. One of the most surprised people on the planet was illustrator and Howard the Duck co-creator Val Mayerik, a recent Austin transplant from Portland. He never watched the 1986 Howard the Duck movie. This was partly out of respect for his collaborator Steve Gerber and partly because, in his words “it just didn’t fell like the real Howard the Duck.”

That all changes at 4pm on 9/14/2014 (this Sunday) at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin.

After a recent podcast appearance on Giant Size hosted by myself and John Gholson, he agreed to watch the movie with a crowd and do a Q&A afterward. He had nothing to do with the movie, but he’ll tell the crowd what he thinks of it, fresh off seeing it for the very first time. He has some great stories to tell about the character, Steve Gerber, and more. He also acted in The Demon Lover, the directorial debut of Hell Comes to Frogtown’s Donald G Jackson. If any of the words in that sentence mean something to you…make sure to come and ask about all that.

Val will also be meeting, greeting, and signing after the show in the lobby. He’ll also be selling a special offset-process print that fans of Howard from the comics are sure to enjoy.