Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lawrence Love It Up In This SERENA Trailer

That's one hot couple, no matter what goofy outfits they wear.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence sure do love making movies together. You have Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, that time she played Mr. T in The A-Team. Now they’re at it again in Serena.

This film has been made for a while actually. The people in charge just didn’t think we could handle such a raw display of love. But then the people in charge happened to see a young person help a blind old man across the street and decided to give us the benefit of the doubt. So the film now has a release date. Only in the UK, of course.

As for the trailer, I kind of like it. Maybe I incorrectly read things, but after everyone’s all in love, problems arise with a bald grumpy guy. The trailer makes it seem like Jennifer Lawrence will be a crazy killer lady. But then it makes it seem like maybe Bradley Cooper could end up being a crazy killer lady, too. If they are a crazy killer lady couple, this could be way better than the stuffy costumes indicate.

Serena comes out in the UK on October 4. It does not have a US release date yet.