Drafthouse Films Acquires CONFETTI OF THE MIND: The Short Films Of Nacho Vigalondo

Confetti is not optional. 

Alamo Drafthouse's most favorite son and the unofficial mascot for Fantastic Fest, Nacho Vigalondo blew the indie world away in 2008 with his astonishing debut feature, TIMECRIMES before following up with EXTRATERRESTRIAL (2011) and OPEN WINDOWS (2014). But the startling originality in these films didn't come from nowhere; Nacho had already written, directed, produced and acted in a robust body of short films, including 2003's Academy Award® nominated short film, "7:35 In The Morning."

Drafthouse Films is pleased to present CONFETTI OF THE MIND, the definitive compilation of Nacho's most brilliant shorts, collected for the first time and personally curated by Nacho and his longtime collaborator Nahikari Ipiña. Featuring such favorites as "Choque", "Sunday," "Marisa" and "Carlota," as well as a fresh introduction and thoughts by the man himself, this is not to be missed.

Confetti is not optional.