Adam Wingard And Simon Barrett Are Remaking Korean Shocker I SAW THE DEVIL

Britt has already pre-ordered the soundtrack. 

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett have made two of the coolest genre movies of the last couple of years: You're Next and the upcoming Carpenter-esque thriller The Guest (see it at Fantastic Fest, friends!). And now, according to The Wrap, they're tackling a new frontier: remaking a beloved Asian horror thriller.

Jee-woon Kim's South Korean revenge masterpiece I Saw the Devil is perfect as is, but I'm definitely interested in seeing Wingard and Barrett's take on the material. The original starred Byung-hun Lee as a special agent whose wife is murdered by a sadistic killer, played by Oldboy star Min-sik Choi. What follows is a highly twisted game of cat and mouse as the agent pursues the killer for revenge for the loss of his love.

Wingard and Barrett made a super fun and surprising horror flick with You're Next, and The Guest is a great genre throwback to action suspense thrillers of the 80s -- just as charismatic as leading man Dan Stevens. These guys have such a great set of eyes and ears for tone and aesthetic*, and while I sort of roll my eyes at the concept of remaking this fantastic Asian film for an American audience, I'm majorly intrigued and glad that it's in some capable hands.

And at the very least, it's going to have one seriously slick soundtrack.

*You can also bet that there will be at least one woman wearing thigh high socks. See also: Adam Wingard's Tumblr.