Why Is EPISODE VII Bad Guy Adam Driver Dressed In An X-Wing Pilot Uniform?

New EPISODE VII pictures make us question EVERYTHING WE HAVE EVER KNOWN. 

The conventional wisdom on Adam Driver's Star Wars Episode VII role has been, from the very first days when he was just a rumored player, that it's a baddie. Driver, we have known for a long time, is a bad guy in the new film. 

So why was he photographed on the set of the film wearing an X-Wing pilot uniform?

Well, there are a couple of possibilities that rear their heads here:

1) We know that the lines between the Empire and the Rebellion have blurred in a big way. The good guys from the Original Trilogy have taken over some of the apparatus of the Galactic Empire, including very possibly their ships. Could the remnants of the Empire, on the defensive, have taken the scrappy ships and uniforms of the Rebellion? Remember, the Prequel Trilogy flipped everything around so that Storm Troopers were good guys - what if this time JJ Abrams is flipping it so X-Wing pilots are bad guys?

2) Who says that's Driver's regular outfit? Couldn't he be sneaking onto an X-Wing base? It's a trope to have heroes dress up like bad guys to sneak into their bases, and JJ Abrams loves flipping the script (see the reversal of the Spock death scene in Star Trek Into Darkness, for instance). Maybe baddie Driver is going undercover.

3) Maybe JJ Abrams is just fucking with us. He knows his sets are being photographed. Why not send Driver out in the wrong outfit to screw with the fans? Of course this means he happened to have on hand a flight suit that would fit tall boy Driver, but who knows. 

4) What if Driver isn't a bad guy but is instead one of the four X-Wing pilot supporting players Latino Review talked about? Maybe we've been wrong all along.

5) Perhaps that isn't even Driver. It's hard to be completely certain from that fuzzy photo.

And finally, SPOILERS -

and I do mean SPOILERS

6) I have heard again and again that one character betrays the others. I thought I knew who it was, but maybe I was looking at the wrong person... maybe Driver's character goes bad by the end of the film. 

And so the Mystery Box again leaves us wondering just what the heck is going on. 

For more pics, visit StarWars7News. Original photo by Rick Lawrence.