MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Now All Over Vimeo, But Not For Free

But it won’t cost you arm and a leg, either.

Though I can’t pinpoint exactly why or when this happened, I have a harder and harder time watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. I used to watch and rewatch the show a great deal. To this day I find myself quoting it. But whenever a bunch show up on Netflix I just can’t seem to make it through one.

Hopefully this sickness is mine and mine alone. Especially now that Vimeo has uploaded a whopping 80 (out of almost 200 total) MST3K episodes, with more on the way. At probably about one million jokes per episode, multiplied by 80, that means you can now enjoy about a billion goddamn jokes, no exaggeration.

It’s not free, though. The entire package will run you $300, which Variety calls a savings of $500. I’m just going to go with that since I don’t want to do math. Individual movies will cost $10 to purchase or $3 to rent.

Below is a video detailing the deal. If you want to just jump to the business, you can find the episodes here.