ScoreKeeper Hails A Trio Of Soundtracks Coming To Vinyl During MondoCon

It's not just posters at the inaugural MondoCon!

This weekend in Austin, Texas, the first annual MondoCon convention gets underway with enough geek-filled goodness to satiate the most ardent admirers of art, movies, and music. Aside from all the cool posters, panels, printers, and artists on hand, Mondo is set to release three new amazing albums on vinyl that will surely perk a few ears (and eyes).

First up is the incredibly hip retro-synth score from Edgar Wright’s 10-year old rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead (2004) composed by Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead. The majority of this music has never been released in any format. There are two varying versions of the album cover both designed by Mondo faithful Jock. Version A will be pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and randomly inserted Winchester Ale Colored vinyl, while Version B will pressed on 180 gram Strawberry Swirl vinyl. Both albums feature liner notes by Edgar Wright and composers Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead.

Samples from the album can be heard by clicking the links below:

Shaun of the Dead - Original Score - “The Shower & The Coming Apocalypse” Shaun of the Dead - Original Score - “Burn Down The Sun”

The record will be available for sale at MondoCon and then to the general public on October 7, 2014.


01) (I love your) Pub Action

02) Unreality

03) Snakehips

04) Cornetto Quest

05) Susie's Bus Ride to Hell

06) The Z Word / There's a Girl in the Garden

07) Combat Studs

08) The Shower & The Coming Apocalypse

09) Fizzy Legs

10) Garden Running

11) Walking With The Dead

12) Blood in Three Flavours

13) BeZieged

14) Burn Down The Sun

15) Envy the Dead

16) Pint Of No Return

17) Ready…

18) …steady...

19) Heads Together

20) Final Act

21) Normality

The second soundtrack slated for release during MondoCon is an album that has been in the works for quite some time. Nathan Johnson’s Looper (2012) is an amazing score presented in a jaw-dropping package. The LP itself slips into a rough canvas bag with a shotgun blast in the middle revealing the gold bars adorning the cover of the LP. This is definitely the most ambitious packaging presentation Mondo has tackled to date. Each canvas bag was embellished by hand so no two are exactly alike.

This is the first time Looper will be available on vinyl. A bonus 7-inch record will be available for purchase in limited quantities as a companion piece for true collectors. It features the track “Slinky Dance” by Kid Koala and is available for the first time on any format along with a B-side piano version of the “Theme from Looper” performed by Nathan Johnson himself. The album features 2 LPs and is pressed on 180 gram black vinyl.

Samples from the album can be heard by clicking the links below:

Looper - Original Score - “Time Machine” Looper - Original Score - “A Life In A Day”

The record will be available for sale at MondoCon and then to the general public on September 23, 2014.


01) A Body That Technically Does Not Exist

02) A Day in the Life

03) Closing Your Loop

04) Seth's Tale

05) Run

06) A Life in a Day

07) Time Machine

08) Hunting the Past

09) Following the Loop

10) Mining for Memories

11) A New Scare

12) Her Face

13) City Sweep

14) Revelations

15) The Rainmaker

16) La Belle Aurore

17) Showdown

18) The Path Was a Circle

19) Everything Comes Around

Bonus 7-Inch

01) Slinky Dance - Kid Koala

02) Theme from Looper (Piano Version) - Nathan Johnson

The last album to go on sale during MondoCon is especially important to me. In case you weren't aware, when Mondo started to release soundtracks on vinyl, they came and hired me as a consultant. For the past year and a half I’ve been helping out here and there with anything they need relating to film music or the soundtrack industry. One of my duties is to help find interesting soundtracks to put out on vinyl. This next album was one of the first that I brought to Mondo.

Alex North’s unused music for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is a miracle unto itself. Shoved away into the darkest regions of cinema lore, it was never heard by the general public until 1993 when Jerry Goldsmith conducted a new recording from Alex North’s manuscripts released on CD by Varèse Sarabande. In 2007 Intrada Records released the actual recordings made in 1968 intended for use in Kubrick’s space-epic masterpiece. The music was rejected by Kubrick at the 11th hour and was never used in the final picture.

Mondo is now releasing the original Alex North recordings from 1968 on vinyl for the very first time. This is amazing music and an interesting “what if” from cinematic history.

In typical Mondo fashion, the album artwork is simply perfect. Designed by Jay Shaw, the LP exterior cover is all glossy-black. When you open up the gatefold it reveals the monolith. The interior gatefold reveals a field of stars. The entire album slips nicely into a clear plastic slipcase with the title of the film emblazoned across the front. The album is pressed on 180 gram black vinyl with randomly inserted “Beyond the Infinite” vinyl featuring updated liner notes by Jon Burlingame.

MondoCon will present a panel about this music and screen selections of the movie with the original music restored.

Samples from the album can be heard by clicking the links below:

2001: A Space Odyssey - Original Score - “Night Terrors” 2001: A Space Odyssey - Original Score - “Space Station Docking”

The record will be available for sale at MondoCon and then to the general public in November, 2014.


01) The Foraging

02) The Bluff

03) Night Terrors

04) Bones

05) Eat Meat and Kill

06) Space Station Docking

07) Space Talk

08) Trip to Moon

09) Moon Rocket Bus

10) The Foraging Alternate Version (AKA The Dawn Of Man)

11) Eat Meat and Kill (Take 7 - Wild)

12) Space Station (Take 4 - Partial)

13) Docking (Take 2)