THE MAZE RUNNER To Get A Sequel With A Terrible Title

The YA adaptation opened at number one, and Fox has the franchise follow-up slotted. 

The Maze Runner (which I enjoyed) is the first in a planned franchise based on a trilogy of books by James Dashner; the film ends with a pretty big set-up for the sequel - one that will definitely be happening now that the film opened well. The Maze Runner earned $32.5m at the domestic box office this weekend and has pulled in almost a hundred million worldwide, a nice return on a budget of 35 million. Here's the one problem: the sequel is called The Scorch Trials. Yikes.

Fox is keeping the book's title for some reason (but adding the The Maze Runner prefix to it, which makes no sense now that the characters are out of the maze), and they'll be releasing the movie on September 18, 2015 - which means they best get working NOW on this puppy. The sequel finds the surviving Gladers unraveling the next level of WICKED's plans for them, plans that include a hundred mile hike on the surface of an Earth that has been roasted by solar radiation. 

I'm especially bummed by the title because I think it hurts the chance of my movie getting made: The Storch Trials, a behind the scenes look at the making of F Troop