Is The Three Breasted Woman A PR Stunt For AMERICAN HORROR STORY?

A tri-titted woman has taken the web by storm, but is she even for real?

Today Jasmine Tridevil, a woman who claims to have had a plastic surgeon give her a third breast, became an internet sensation, and even sites like the Hollywood Reporter - who should have a little more credulity - ran stories about her. According to Tridevil she had the plastic surgeon give her the bonus boob so that she would be less attractive to men and get a reality TV show. She is, obviously, from Florida. 

I don't believe her story at all. Her social media presence - Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts - all sprang up last month. She can't reveal who her doctor was, as he made her sign an NDA because performing this sort of procedure could lose him his license. Every picture of Tridevil comes from Tridevil. Because she said that she was going to be on Kimmel, I assumed she was just another hoax in Jimmy Kimmel's tradition of creating fake viral sensations.

But then some people on Twitter wondered if Tridevil was actually an even more corporate hoax - is she a PR stunt for American Horror Story: Freak Show? I wasn't so sure - the freak angle seemed too tenuous for me - but then Mark Wheaton showed me a picture of Angela Bassett's character this season:

Yup. The three breasted woman. 

Is Tridevil an AHS stunt? She's almost certainly some sort of hoax, but I'd be disappointed if she was just an advertisement for a TV show.