OCD STAR WARS VII Minutia: The Falcon Got An Upgrade

Obsessive attention to the new Millennium Falcon reveals they've made a cutely continuity-driven change to the iconic ship. 

So, it looks like the Millennium Falcon may be getting a new communications dish for Star Wars Episode VII.  JJ Abrams and company have recently been shooting outdoors in Greenham Common in the UK, and over the last few weeks quite a few bystander photos and drone videos of the dressed set have emerged.  We’ve gotten good aerial and long distance shots of the Falcon and a pair of X-wings, but this weekend Spanish language site 20 Minutos provided a few closer-in photos - one of which includes a tighter shot of the Falcon than anything seen so far, in an early phase of construction:

If you push in on the usual location of the round communication dish, you see that the newer one is more squared off...

This is a great tie-in to the end of Return of the Jedi, where we see Lando cut things a little too close on his way out of the second Death Star and knock the dish off the top of the Falcon. Like the design of the new X-wing, which keeps everything nearly the same save for the twin rather than quad rounded engines, it speaks to the way Abrams seems to be staying more-or-less true to the visual language of the original trilogy with just enough difference to suggest the passage of time.  And this is especially appropriate for the Falcon, which always seemed pieced together from whatever happened to be available the last time something major broke down.  All in all, I like it!