Stephen King And JJ Abrams Are Making 11/22/63 A Mini-Series

King's recent great novel about time travel and the Kennedy assassination is coming to Hulu. 

This is great news. Stephen King and JJ Abrams are bringing 11/22/63 - King's 2011 novel about a man time-traveling to the years before Kennedy's assassination in an attempt to prevent it - to Hulu as a mini-series. I absolutely love 11/22/63 (I wrote about it here), and I'm so happy it'll be a mini-series instead of a feature, because the book is incredibly rich in texture and nuance, and I'd hate to see any of that lost in the interest of saving time. 

It'll be a nine-hour series, and it'll be produced by Bridget Carpenter, of Friday Night LightsParenthood and Dead Like Me fame. Those shows all have a lot of pathos, and the thing about 11/22/63 is that it's just a really poignant story beautifully told - and with the best ending King has ever written for anything. I can't wait to see it unfold onscreen.