JUPITER ASCENDING Gets A New, Story-Driven Trailer

Lizard people alert!

For so long now, Jupiter Ascending has been a questionable project for me. While certainly filled with exciting images, none of the trailers have won me over yet, leaving my excitement for the film mostly dependent on the fact that it’s a Wachowski siblings joint.

This new trailer kind of changes that a bit, largely because we finally get a better idea of the story. We know who the good guys are, we know who the bad guys are, and we know the specific stakes at hand. We also get Channing Tatum admitting that he’s mostly dog.

But more than that, we get some casual shots of these winged lizard people, putting the film firmly into “goofy space opera” territory. I’m into it.

We’ll finally be able to see this film Jupiter Ascending when it will probably play opposite a movie where an older actor kills the shit out of people. I vote lizard people.