LA: Come Get Bloody At A Free Screening Of AMERICAN MUSCLE! Then Get Drunk At The Afterparty!

We're co-hosting a screening of the badass new revenge movie and we want you to come. 

Now that's a fucking poster. 

It's for American Muscle, an indie film coming to video on Tuesday, and in celebration we're throwing a screening and a big goddamned party. The best part? It's FREE. You just gotta get to the Echoplex on Glendale Boulevard in Silver Lake by 7pm. 

What, you're wondering, is American Muscle? Good question. Here's the good answer:

John Falcon (Nick Principe) is a bad, bad man. But he didn’t deserve to go to prison. Now, after 10 years of hard time, he’s hell-bent on revenge. Screaming across the scarred landscape of the Yucca Valley, Falcon’s got 24 hours to inflict brutal vengeance on everyone he holds responsible for putting him away. Including his own brother.

And as rowdy as the movie is, we're gonna get even rowdier at the afterparty, where we'll have Blus to giveaway, there will be bands playing and you'll get to drink with the cast and crew. If you live in LA and couldn't make it to Fantastic Fest this could very well be a way to scratch that itch this year. 

Monday! 7pm! The Echoplex! Come get muscled.