The Y: THE LAST MAN Movie Has Thankfully Died

And the rights have reverted to the creators!

Ebola. Constant strife in the Middle East. An economy that refuses to get back on its feet. A Y: The Last Man movie directed by a guy who made a Portal fanfilm. 

At least one of these problems has been solved: the Y: The Last Man movie, which was to have been directed by fanfilmmaker Danny Trachtenberg, is dead. Kaput. Finished. Trachtenberg tweeted this awesome, happy-making news himself yesterday:


His paranthetical there means Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, the creators of the classic post-apocalyptic comic book, once again hold the rights to their own work. Which is great news for anybody who likes Y

Y: The Last Man is the story of Yorick, the only male human left alive after a mysterious incident wipes out all the men. Traveling with his monkey Ampersand, spy Agent 355 and Dr. Alison Mann, Yorick traveled post-apocalyptic America in search of an answer to what happened and for his girlfriend. It's a great comic, one that ends so well that any slow spots in the narrative are easily forgiven. And it's a story that deserves to be longform; Y: The Last Man is an epic, and it needs enormous sweep, not to be condensed into two hours. 

Trachtenberg tells his pals at Slashfilm that his version of the movie would have covered the first two trades, which feels sort of like the wrong choice - the events of the third trade feel like a good stopping point for a movie (it turns out there are two male astronauts in orbit and they didn't die because the incident only impacted men on Earth), as opposed to volume 2's story about a small town full of secrets. 

At any rate it ain't happening. What will Vaughan and Guerra do with the property? Maybe nothing: what if this comic just stayed a comic?