Littlefinger To Get Scorched In THE MAZE RUNNER SEQUEL

It's another villain role for the once-heroic Mayor Carcetti. 

Aiden Gillen, sleazing it up big time on Game of Thrones as Littlefinger, has signed on to be the baddie in The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, the sequel to the pretty good and moderately successful The Maze Runner. In the sequel the surviving kids find themselves in a kill-or-be-killed prison before taking a thousand mile walk across the surface of an Earth that has been blasted by solar flares. Gillen will play Janson, aka the Rat-man, aka the Big Bad for the remainder of the series. Which means he'll be back in film three, The Death Cure

Gillen's such a fun scumbag presence, which is really surprising after loving (and then being disappointed by) him in The Wire, where his Tommy Carcetti was a good man crushed by his desires and the cruelty of the system. Looking back now Carcetti seems like a pretty obvious prediction for the Obama presidency (minus all the sex, of course). 

Anthony Breznican of EW made a really great observation about The Maze Runner - if the exact same movie had come out in 1985 adults today would be buying expensive art prints, toys and doing mash-ups of the characters. It has exactly that feel, which is maybe why the nostalgia-obsessed modern nerds skipped it. They're not interested in real, strong young adult storytelling but only in mining the exact same shit that reminds them of their specific youth.