Satan Gets A Quote On Latest LEFT BEHIND Marketing

I always knew this guy was a total quote whore. 

The marketing department behind Left Behind, the Nicolas Cage-starring adaptation of the mega-huge Rapture books, can't be serious... right? They can't think putting a pull quote from Satan on their latest viral marketing is anything but a joke? 

We may never know, but we do now have a movie advertisement that features a statement from the Father of Lies, the Prince of Darkness, the Angel of the Pit himself. What does Abaddon have to say about Left Behind? What's Lucifer's take on the movie?

"Please do not bring unbelievers to this movie."

WAIT! This sounds like reverse psychology. As if the Serpent is trying to get you to bring unbelievers. It seems as if Apollyon is concerned that if you bring unbelievers to the film they'll become believers.

BUT WAIT AGAIN! They don't call this guy the Deceiver for nothing. Do you truly believe the Adversary would be so obvious in his manipulation? It's quite clear that the Dragon wants you to bring unbelievers... because this dumb fucking movie is only going to cement their status as unbelievers. 

That settles it. I'll go see Left Behind. And the whole time I shall be hailing Satan. 

h/t Hitfix