The INHERENT VICE Trailer Is Here!

New Paul Thomas Anderson! AND IT'S FUNNY.


That's how they do it on the blogs, right? Well, that's the noise I would have made watching the trailer for Inherent Vice if I made noises like that. Because it's soooo good. The new Paul Thomas Anderson film, based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon, looks beautiful and funny and rich and weird, and after a couple of very somber PTA films I am ready to laugh again. 

There's no way to do a sun-kissed bumbling noir without invoking the feelings of The Big Lebowski, but I suspect Anderson's film stands different from the Coens' masterpiece. Joaquin Phoenix is Doc, whose ex gets him mixed up in a bunch of shady goings on when a billionaire disappears. It's the end of the 60s so the drugs, the sex and the paranoia flow free. 

I am furious I won't be in New York to see this movie at the NYFF. Warner Bros - hook a critic up!