CROUCHING TIGER Sequel Gets A Photo And A Very Weird Release Strategy

Watch it either really big or really small.

The world didn’t really ask for a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but now that it’s on the way regardless, the world seems to be like “Sure, why not?” which can often mean no one goes to see the movie. Those casual feelings work both ways, Hollywood!

But for those who actually want to see the movie, options have grown a bit strange. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend (what a disappointing title) will simultaneously hit Netflix and IMAX, the first release of its kind. So you can watch it at home for free, or you can watch it somewhere else, maybe even your local zoo, for a shitload of money. Apparently, what you can’t do is watch it at your normal movie theater.

According to Netflix, this is going to start happening with more movies in the future. So we need to come up with a DTV equivalent term for it right away. Get to work.

While you work, please enjoy two photos from the film. The one above features Michelle Yeoh about to kick some ass. This one below features Donnie Yen about to kick some ass. Assume asses will get kicked all over the place.