Let HACK INTO BROAD CITY Keep You Company Until Season 2

These damn funny broads...

If you haven't been watching Broad City, shame on you. But no worries, there's still plenty of time to catch up with season one! And if you've already watched all of season one at least three times like I have and are going through some serious Abbi and Ilana withdrawals, you can check out their new webisodes, Hack Into Broad City.

The third installment was released exclusively to Vulture today, and features Ilana giving birth to a very gooey and questionable baby, while Abbi does some Basic Bitches dance moves under her glorious Oprah wall art.

Broad City is prrrrrrobably the best comedy on TV right now. Look, I love me some Girls, but here's a show about two 20-something women who are just friends and don't need to fight or go through any real drama between themselves while experiencing relatable 20-something stuff. They smoke pot, they have dating and hook-up and work and life problems. They're aspirational and inspirational in that really real, flawed way. And they're fucking hilarious.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I'm definitely more like Abbi (putting a sticky note on a vibrator to remind oneself to masturbate, announcing to a bar that a guy called her hot when she knows she's just "okay"), but I aspire to be more like Ilana (more confident, shrugging things off, AMAZING HAIR). It's the new version of which Girls character you are, which was the new version of which Sex and the City character you are -- and can you believe there was once a time when all we had to compare/reduce ourselves to which Sex and the City character we related to the most? Yuck. Like, the best of that bunch in hindsight was probably Charlotte's dog.

Anyway! Enjoy the latest Hack Into Broad City webisode, and check out the other two on the Comedy Central site, which feature Ilana being grossed out by gum, and Abbi and Ilana chowing down on a massive cereal feast -- all of which feature them totally baked, obviously.