Dolph Lundgren And Scott Adkins Are Back At It Again In 4 TOWERS

It’s like THE TWO TOWERS, but surely twice as good.

This news is several days old, but I didn’t hear about it until today so I’m betting many others missed it as well, though that is kind of hard to believe since it involves not one but two DTV superstars. That was structured as a joke for you guys. But for me it’s true!

Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren are teaming up again for a movie called 4 Towers. This is like their twelve millionth collaboration, many of which aren’t very good. But that’s no reason to start getting pessimistic now.

Here’s some synopsis action or you:

A Serbian ex war hero, Viro, (Dolph Lundgren), takes hostages at a powerful company’s dinner in an 11th century castle in a bid to capture the legendary stolen gold of Mussolini. Taking on Italy’s tactical swat teams and an Interpol unit (Scott Adkins and Gianni Capaldi), he may have captured a hostage who could prove too much to handle. Intense combat, thrilling knife fighting and explosive action follows Viro as he attempts to escape with the cursed gold and treasure.

So I guess Lundgren’s the bad guy. Scott Adkins and Gianni Capaldi are the good guys. Or maybe they're all good guys. The last movie I saw this team in was called Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon. They fought over a giant CG lizard, and it was about as bad as you might imagine. Hopefully 4 Towers is only half that bad.