DRACULA UNTOLD Will Fit Into Universal’s Monsterverse

Or at least it can, if the movie does well. 

When it was announced that Universal was relaunching its Universal Monsters franchise as a shared universe, everybody wondered what would become of Dracula. The first official movie in the new universe is The Mummy, which is a modern day adventure film, but Universal had Dracula Untold at bat - would this movie tie into that larger universe or would it stand alone?

A few months ago sources told me that Universal did some reshoots on Dracula Untold in order to allow it to fit into the larger Monsterverse, and word from junketeers who have seen early screenings backs this up. I don't know what they have included in the film, but they have put some elements in that will allow the studio to tie this movie into the new initiative. So while The Mummy will be the first official movie in the new Universal Monsters series, Dracula Untold is kind of the prologue to it all. 

Of course the connection is likely slight enough that, should Dracula Untold bomb (and I've heard it's pretty bad), they can walk out of it and salvage a new Dracula movie without having the stink of this one on it. We'll know more in a couple of weeks, or maybe one of those early screening junketeers will spill the beans!