Find Out If Quentin Tarantino Thinks You’re An Idiot

Hint: do you laugh at old movies?

The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles has re-opened, and Quentin Tarantino is doing some press to promote the theater's return. In a new interview with LA Weekly he says some wonderful things that make me feel like QT and I are on the same page when it comes to being bad businessmen (“If you're not worried about packing the house because you can't make your rent, then you can have a lot of fun. If people come, fine. If they don't, fuck them.”), but he also says something that puts he and I on the same page as moviegoers:

“Look, there's some wild, funny weird and silly shit that happens in some of these movies, and it's okay to laugh. But laugh because it's funny—don't laugh because you're just trying to show how superior you are to the movie,” Tarantino cautions. “You get no points for laughing at an old movie just because it's old. You look like an idiot.”

Yes. Thank you. We've had this discussion here before (click here!), and my thoughts on the matter haven't changed in the last two years. Don't ironically laugh at old movies! It's totally fucking lame. Last night I was at a screening of Halloween - a big deal screening, with Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter doing a Q&A together for the first time ever - and there were all sorts of snickers and giggles throughout. It was a loving crowd, so some of the laughing was that other old annoying standby, "laughing to prove I get it/know what's coming/have seen this a thousand times," but other laughs were just about awkward line readings or silly cliches (many of which Halloween essentially founded). 

I just don't get that moviegoing attitude. If you're better than the movie, why are you there? The wacky stuff, the out there stuff, the bold and bizarre stuff - laugh away. Old cars or clothes or slang? Shut the fuck up. 

Read the whole interview here.