The First INSIDE OUT Trailer Mostly Sells Pixar

Which emotion is in charge of me not liking this trailer?

I'm very excited for Inside Out, the new Pixar film. Despite looking like a redo of semi-forgotten sitcom Herman's HeadInside Out could be a very unique, special and wonderful film. You might not really get that from this trailer, though, which mostly sells you the Pixar brand and reads like the studio is afraid their new concept is too out-there for people. They have to spend most of the running time of the teaser reminding you why you like Pixar before trotting out barely anything at all from this latest film. 

And the Pixar greatest hits segment is so cloyingly manipulative that the emotion I felt most was "eyes rolling emoji." That's before Sweet Emotion kicks in, and my eyes really rolled back in my head. Look, I've seen some footage from Inside Out and it appears to be very witty and very clever, and this teaser isn't showing me that.

Am I just being too grumpy this morning? What do you think of the trailer.