Badass Podcast #21: Getting Scared By GONE GIRL And Freaky With THE FINAL PROGRAMME

Big Padcast changes are afoot with this one!

Things are changing all over the place, and it is our jobs as humans to roll with it and not complain too much. With that in mind, it is my displeasure to announce that the Badass Digest Padcast Podcast will not be the same old podcast this week. For totally great, non-jerk reasons, Devin Faraci will no longer host the show. Or be on it. He may listen a little, but even that remains uncertain.

Instead, it is now my Padcast. Hello, I’m Evan Saathoff. My co-host will be the super-smart, highly dignified Phil Nobile Jr. I was going to go all around trying to find someone from outside the BAD circle for my co-host, but then I said “fuck it” and joined up with one of my best pals instead because it gives me an excuse to talk to him once a week.

In this initial episode of the new Badass Digest Padcast Podcast, Phil and I talk a lot about the possibly troubling but also very fun new Tyler Perry movie, Gone Girl, and just a little about the wacky and hard to find The Final Programme. I make a joke about Gone Girl that really crosses the line, and would like to say I'm sorry.