Fox Wants To Bring X-MEN To TV

It's a natural fit for the merry mutants. 

After a long period where it seemed like Fox just had no fucking clue what to do with their X-Men franchise they may have finally figured it all out. There's a new movie coming that is being sold as the end of a trilogy, there's talk of an expanded universe of characters and there may even be some transmedia action - the studio is looking to bring mutants to TV.

That's sort of a no-brainer if you ask me. Few comics are as perfectly suited for TV as X-Men - it's a soapy story about special kids who live together at boarding school and occasionally get into superbrawls. One complaint I've had about the seven movies so far is that nobody has been playing softball, as they often did in the classic Chris Claremont days. A TV show could give the team plenty of recreational time, and give individual characters lots of room to breathe. 

What's great about the X-Universe available to Fox is that they could pick from many, many great characters and even a couple of potential team names. I'd watch The New Mutants or Generation X. The question is whether this show would tie into the films (whose continuity is already a nightmare anyway) or live on its own, as the DC shows mostly do. 

Which X-Men would you want to see on a TV series?