The writer of THE HEAT, that is.

Listen, I have to be up front with you: I didn't care for The Heat. It isn't that I disliked it - it was fine - it's just that the movie slid off me like rain slides off a thing that has been rain-proofed. It was okay. I didn't hate watching it. I left it behind as soon as it was over. 

So when I hear that the writer of The Heat is joining the director of The Heat on Ghostbusters 3 the biggest reaction I can muster is, 'Oh, okay.' I like Paul Feig a bunch, and I'm sure Katie Dippold, the writer of The Heat, is great. It's just that their last collaboration didn't do much for me. BUT! And what a but this is! It's progress that Ghostbusters 3 news doesn't leave me wanting to hang myself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the new movie is going to be an all-ladies team (Paul Feig occupying that uncomfortable spot of being the man who directs popular movies for ladies) and will have no connection to the first two movies. Which is like, why call it Ghostbusters? You're just setting yourself up to be judged against one of the best movies ever made