Check Out This Exclusive Clip From HOUSEBOUND

Stabby stab stab.

When you’re at Fantastic Fest, you make a lot of plans to see movies that end up falling apart. Usually because they play at an inconvenient time, sometimes because of karaoke, sometimes because of both. Housebound was a film I totally intended to see, but that ultimately was not my fate.

Andrew saw it though and gave us a wonderful review, which you can read here (actually, John Gholson reviewed it for us too!). It sounds like a really fun New Zealand horror comedy, and I do hope to see it in the future.

This exclusive clip plays up the horror a lot more than the comedy, unless you think watching a guy get accidentally stabbed with gardening shears is hilarious - and I’m not saying it’s not. Most exclusive clips we get lack this kind of gory action. Housebound knows how to love, is what I’m getting at.

Housebound hits theaters and VOD October 17.