WOLVES Gets A PG-13 Red Band Trailer

This movie looks stupendously bad/awesome.

We’ve heard of Wolves before, but I had almost completely forgotten about it. I bet most people did. Here to remind us is a Red Band trailer that, save for maybe a brief sex shot that struck me as Green Band worthy, totally lacks Red Band material.

Written by Watchmen writer Alan Moore (aw, I can’t let that joke just sit there; it was actually written by Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter), Wolves appears to be a CW television show blown up to the big screen. You got a hunky dude. He enters a larger mythological world of monsters. There is monster on monster conflict. Jason Mimosa smokes a goofy pipe (aw, I can’t let that joke just sit there either; his name is actually Momoa).

If this appeals to you, don’t feel bad. It kind of appeals to me as well. The chances of this movie being good are extraordinarily slim. The chances of it being fun, are slightly higher. The fact that they couldn’t find any Red Band stuff for their Red Band trailer tempers that opinion a bit, however.

Wolves comes out on VOD November 16. You can watch it in theaters, though, starting November 14. That’s a two day headstart!