BOND 24, Bond Girl 1

Léa Seydoux will tangle with, tumble with, and/or be killed by 007 in 2015. Scores of sensitive think pieces to follow.

Don’t listen to the Daily Mail, they said. It’s sub-literate garbage and lies pretending to be news, they said. Every time I linked a Bond item from the Daily Mail, fingers wagged and tongues clucked, scolding me that I should know better. Well, someone’s certainly changed their tune, because I woke to every film news site and breathlessly reporting that Léa Seydoux has been cast as the new Bond Girl in the frustratingly untitled Bond 24. Their source? That’s right: the hated Daily Mail.

The Mail’s Baz Bamigboye claims the Parisian actress has filled the Scandinavian boots Eon had actresses trying on a few months ago. Seydoux, last seen by action fans getting a thorough view of Dubai’s skyline in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, is reportedly in makeup and costume tests now, and will start filming in six weeks. It remains to be seen if Seydoux will be playing the feisty, action-oriented “Bond meets his match” type Bond Girl, or the increasingly troubling “Bond has sex with a much younger woman, somehow causes her death and doesn’t care” archetype. While it’s true Eon’s current creative team grossed everyone out in Skyfall by having Bond make a bad joke after the sex slave he bedded is executed in front of him, they also got pretty inventive and gave Judi Dench’s M the proper Bond Girl arc in that last one. Seydoux certainly seems to have too much acting (and action) chops to be merely Bond cock fodder. Live in hope, I guess!

We leave you with some cheery life choices trivia: In the past five years, Léa Seydoux has worked with Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Woody Allen and Wes Anderson, and won crazy praise and awards for last year’s Blue Is The Warmest Color. She’s 29. Go off and think about that today.