Exclusive: Even MORE Awesome BIRDMAN Coast-To-Coast Posters!

Birdman visits five more North American cities. And you can win these hyper-limited prints!

We're proud to team up with Fox Searchlight to premiere a series of really cool Birdman posters, each highlighting a different city in these great United States of ours. We premiered half of them yesterday, and on Monday I'll let you know how you can win the entire set of super limited edition posters... and a hyper-limited, ultra-collectible Birdman doll. 

Birdman, of course, is the latest film from Alejandro González Iñárritu, starring Michael Keaton and opening October 17th in select theaters. Here's a trailer for the film: 

Without further ado here are the other five cities of Birdman's North American tour. Can you name them all based on the landmarks atop which Birdman perches? And do not miss Monday, when you'll get a chance to win all of these posters plus that really cool doll. We'll have pictures of that for you soon!