Deal Of The Day: Five Drafthouse Films Titles For $10

Three amazing docs, two incredible retro movies, ten simple dollars.

I'm constantly proud of the work that my friends and colleagues at Drafthouse Films do. They're releasing some of the coolest, most interesting and most unique films in the world, and they just keep putting them out month after month. It's a small operation, one that should never be able to be as productive as it is, and yet here they are with 33 movies under their belt and two Oscar nominations (and I don't want to jinx it, but I suspect film 33, The Look of Silence, could be the one that brings home the gold). What's most incredible about Drafthouse Films, though, is the diversity of their films - they've released life-changing docs like The Act of Killing, edgy comedy classics like Four Lions, masterful dramas like Bullhead, crowd-pleasing genre gems like Cheap Thrills and insane retro movies like The Miami Connection

So yeah, I love what they do. And I love their new bundle deal - five of their films for ten bucks, available as streaming and HD downloads. Yeah, it's nice to have those numbered Drafthouse boxes on your shelf, but it's also pretty great to get five excellent films for TEN BUCKS.

The movies in this first bundle:

A Band Called Death  - a wonderful documentary about three brothers in Detroit who invented punk rock a couple of years before punk rock was officially invented.

The Final Member - an honestly must-see documentary about the world's only penis museum, and about the bizarre men who want their dicks to the human organs on display there. It's incredible.

The Dog - the fascinating true story of the guy who robbed the bank in Dog Day Afternoon, a story of absolute oddness, the nascent gay rights movement and true history behind of the great movies of all time.

Ms. 45 - Abel Ferrara's classic, undeniable 1981 rape-revenge masterpiece starring the luminous Zoe Tamerlis Lund.

The Visitor - This 1979 Italian film is one of the most bugfuck nuts movies ever made, and it stars Ethel Merman, Glenn Ford and Sam Peckinpah. How could you not want to see this?

So it's those five movies, ten bucks American. This is a helluva deal, and if you haven't dipped your toe into the Drafthouse Films waters yet, this is a great start. And it's a limited time offer, so click here to get started.