Maybe Edward Norton Should Have Been Making DC Comics Movies All Along

He thinks comics are only good when they're dark and serious. 

Edward Norton appeared with the cast of Birdman at New York Comic Con this weekend, and he spoke a bit about comic books. Having once been the Incredible Hulk, and co-starring in a movie about an actor whose superhero part past haunts him, you'd think Ed might have an interesting thought or two. Nope!

I grew up on all the graphic novels, the Frank Miller, I was obsessed with that stuff. So I think it's this rich pool of stuff that's become almost, y'know, a whole modern-day canon of mythic stories for a lot of us, and we kind of all sit around hoping that someone's gonna make a film — make films out of that type of material that captures how serious it felt for us at that time in our life when — because nobody read comics because they're cartoonish. They read them because they're dark and serious and long. That's what was great about the best ones.

According to Vulture, who had a reporter in the room, nobody applauded this statement. And with good reason: it sucks. This is the poisonous point of view that gave us not only some of the worst comic books of all time but also the current crop of bafflingly serious DC comics movies. It's an anti-fun manifesto, and it's wrong. No wonder Norton couldn't get along with the guys at Marvel Studios. 

Note to self: don't go see any superhero movies Edward Norton writes.