Jackie Earle Haley To Get Headstabbed In LONDON HAS FALLEN

Protect your dome, guy!

According to The Wrap, Jackie Earle Haley has joined the cast of London Has Fallen, sequel to the kind of awesome (but also pretty bad) Olympus Has Fallen.

Haley is playing character named Deputy Chief Mason. We don’t yet know if this character will be a good guy or a bad guy. But c’mon. He’s a bad guy. We’re all grown ups here.

Assuming this is true and the villain is just some white guy, it kind of bums me out that this movie won’t be as super racist as the original. Not that I like racism in real life. It’s just that when it comes to bad action movies with horrible morals... well I don't know how to finish that sentence without sounding like a monster. In any case, Olympus Had Fallen was chock full of troubling race issues. The only way to spin this casting upward would be if Jackie Earle Haley’s character has a mental handicap or something. Totally possible! He’s probably getting a headstab either way. Like, even if he’s a good guy. Even if he played God himself.