Our Daily Trailer: CHILDREN OF THE CORN 2

This week is all about killer kids, so Evan takes a trip down memory lane to a time when he killed people.

So we did an Our Daily Trailer week of movies that traumatized us as kids. This week we’re all about movies which feature kids who kill people. Next week we’re doing movies with grown ups who have the intellect of toddlers. We just love kids here at BAD and hope it doesn’t develop into a problem.

When I was a wee boy, my mom wouldn’t let me watch horror films. I have since forgiven her, but it was touch and go for a while. Obviously, while under this draconian rule I did everything I could to stay with friends who were willing to let me watch them on the sly, something that was surprisingly more difficult than it should have been. One such friend owned a copy of Children of the Corn 2 and ONLY a copy of Children of the Corn 2, so I’ve probably seen Children of the Corn 2 more than a lot of people. Maybe even more than the knuckleheads who made it.

This was a very long time ago, however, and despite all those viewings, I find the film very difficult to remember with much detail. The main thing that sticks with me is just how mean it is. The deaths in this one are just cruel. A person gets slowly crushed by a house. A buy bleeds to death from Voodoo Doll shenanigans. An old lady in a wheelchair gets hit by a truck. And my favorite, the kids lock pretty much the entire town in a church and burn it down. I don’t know if it’s a good movie or not, but it really brings a lot of violence with it to the plate.

This trailer serves as a reminder of some elements but also offers a lot of stuff that just mystifies me, particularly involving the main Children of the Corn guy’s journey through a bunch of pre-good CG blood cells or something. I honestly have no idea what that’s about. Also, it has to be said, most of these Children of the Corn kids are too old. They should be little tykes, not Children of the Korn teenagers.

Nevertheless, this movie holds a special place in my heart regardless of how bad it probably is. I'm glad my mom never found out I was watching it. She would have been super pissed, and I would have been forced to take her out.