Badass Podcast #22: Washing Down DRACULA UNTOLD With A Little FIRST BLOOD

Phil and Evan get a little bit nuts.

So last week we introduced the new iteration of the Padcast. This week, we just kind of let it all hang out there. If you like your shit on task, this might not the podcast for you. I hear the OnTaskCast is pretty good though.

This week we discuss Dracula Untold for a while. Then we jump over to what we're really excited about, a great talk about First Blood, but not before a very brief discussion of The Boxtrolls. We end things with some Tyler Perry action. Sprinkled between all that, you can find about a thousand stupid digressions. It’s fun!

Also, if you’re looking for an exciting way to commit suicide, take a drink every time Phil replies with just a brief noise instead of any actual words. Granted, he does that because I won’t shut up, but it’s still pretty funny.