IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY’s Rob McElhenney To Make Big Family Film For Legendary Pictures

Mac’s moving on up!

This is really cool news. According to Deadline, Rob McElhenney (Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has been signed by Legendary Pictures to write and direct Figment, a family adventure film.

Figment is not an adaptation of anything but a straight up original concept, which is pretty exciting. McElhenney got the gig by creating a four-minute test reel and giving a “passionate” sales pitch, after which all the Legendary executives cheered and belted him with giant money bags. This is not too dissimilar from how McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day got It’s Always Sunny on television in the first place.

All we know about the actual film is that it will be about “an imaginative boy and his family who are thrown for a loop when their greatest fears come to life.” Tonally, it’s being compared to E.T. and The Goonies.