Warner Bros Makes Their DC Slate Official


It's all happening. In the aftermath of the news that Marvel is taking their shared universe to the next level with Captain America 3, Warner Bros has made their DC movies slate completely official, and it's very, very ambitious - and includes stuff that actually surprises me. 

Here's the list of titles and dates announced by Kevin Tsujihara, head of the studio:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*

Suicide Squad


Wonder Woman

Justice League


The Flash




Justice League 2



Green Lantern

That's a heckuva slate. And that 2020 Green Lantern will, as I think I previously reported, spin out of Justice League 2, which will be the first full film to feature the new Green Lantern (he'll cameo at the end of Justice League, warning the heroes about a new threat approaching Earth: Darkseid). 

And 2017 seems to be the big shot across the bow - they're officially doing a female superhero solo film! That's huge, and it's something we've all been clamoring to see. And Cyborg! The first person of color solo superhero movie in over a decade. Those are big deals, and we should be very excited for them.

I just sort of wish Warner Bros had given us some space to get excited about them. Each of these announcements should have been a news break on their own. All of this came from an investor call, which means that Warner Bros is more interested in appeasing investors (who are probably wondering why they aren't keeping up with Marvel) than with getting fans going. This slate could have been announced over a period of weeks, keeping the DC movie momentum going in a huge way, but instead it's all getting dumped at once. This is how you disclose documents in a lawsuit to keep  your opponent off-kilter - give them every piece of paper you have, hoping the abundance of material makes them miss the information that is damning to you!

It's a bummer that Warner Bros didn't make this an event (like, you know, at the enormous New York Comic Con that just ended) but at least we have the info. I'll be spinning out some specific articles from this where we can talk more in-depth about Warner Bros' big plans for the rest of the decade.

* you know what goes here.