Zack Snyder Remains King Of The DC Movieverse, Is Directing JUSTICE LEAGUE 2

And it's all building to JL2.

Warner Bros is really doubling down on the Zack Snyder aesthetic; not only is he the architect of their shared movieverse with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*, he's going to be directing Justice League and Justice League 2 back to back. 

That all makes sense; BvS will end with the Justice League either assembled or all onscreen, having figured out the big threat facing them. There's been another villain working behind the scenes of that movie and, as Latino Review reported, it's Brainiac. That's your Justice League villain, and my sources tell me that he'll be defeated by a team that is made up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. Then at the end of the movie Green Lantern shows up and is like, "Guys, there's a big bad guy from space coming your way," and the Justice League is like, "Nah, brah, we got it already," and Green Lantern is like, "Dudes. DUDES. It's Darkseid."

All of this shit apparently springs from Superman's Kryptonian beacon - that's how Brainiac finds Earth, at least. Aquaman's story is going to kick off from the World Engine laying waste to Atlantis. I understand that General Zod's corpse plays a big role in BvS - all of the DC Movieverse is going to spring from the events of Man of Steel, so it makes some sense to have Snyder helming the core pictures. 

Of course if you don't like Snyder, or if you don't like his aesthetic, this is terrible news for the rest of the decade. 

I like Snyder and his aesthetic, and I like Man of Steel as a movie while simultaneously thinking it's a terrible, terrible Superman movie (I have nuance). That means I'm excited for the Justice League one-two punch as cinema, but kind of dreading them as adaptations of the property. I can live with that. 

Justice League hits in 2017 and Justice League 2 comes out in 2019. 

* yadda yadda