Pedro Pascal To Play A Rascal In BEN-HUR

Pontius Pilate was biblically described as a rascal, right?

Timur Bekmambetov’s upcoming adaptation of Ben-Hur keeps getting actors. We already know that Boardwalk Empire actor Jack Houston will play the Hur himself. Apparently Gal Gadot went from in negotiations to signed very quickly news cycle-wise, and Morgan Freeman is in the movie as well.

Now Deadline reports that Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal has joined the cast as Pontius Pilate, a biblical figure who, if I have my Mel Gibson movies down, really didn’t want to kill Jesus but was forced to by a bad Jewish people. So he’s a conflicted good guy!

This is good news for Pascal and for the rest of us. The actor has a ton of charm and really seems cool. I’m so glad he was able to put his face back together and keep acting.