Shawn Levy To Hammer Out A MINECRAFT Movie

This movie’s going to be hilarious!

As far as I understand the game, Minecraft tasks players with digging. As they dig, they get stuff that helps them create more advanced digging tools. Then they can build things. Sounds like a blast!

Since a billion people play this game, it’s a no-brainer that someone would want to turn it into a movie. Warner Bros snatched up the movie rights to the game last February, and now they’re making good on the promise implied by that purchase. According to Deadline, professional hilarity bag Shawn Levy is in talks to direct the film.

Levy has experience with family friendly special effects movies like the Night of the Museum 1-7, so I suppose this is yet another no-brainer for Warner Bros. Hopefully the movie is just a series of scenes where a square-headed guy (played by Ben Stiller, please?) beats the shit out of rocks. We don't have enough of those.